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Our Guest Speakers

DIRECTOR $18k - $25K/4 Weeks

A successful UnFranchise Owner for over 20 years, Gary has certainly made his mark in the company. As a member of the Advisory Council and Million Dollar Club, a Director, a Certified Trainer and the most recent recipient of the Jerry Siciliano award, he continues to grow his business and guide others to hit their goals year after year. His keys to success lie in the simple fundamentals of the Basic Five, creating and maintaining strong relationships, and remaining steady and consistent. He is committed to leading by example and conveying a simple and reliable formula to build a strong residual business that endures.

Jim Winkler
Vice President of Sales
Northern Regional Director
Executive Field Vice President - $45k to $63K/4 Weeks

Jim was introduced to Market America through the exclusive product line. Starting only part time, it didn’t take long for him to become a full-time UnFranchise® Owner. Within a couple of years, Jim achieved Director and was on his way to becoming Executive Field Vice President. He is a nine time Presidents Challenge award winner as well as a 2002 Jerry Siciliano award winner.  Now, as Vice President of Sales for Market America, he is helping bridge the gap between Market America Corporate and the field, while focusing on building upon all the initiatives that Corporate has in place.

Sarah Rose-Stack
Director of  WebCenter Sales and Training
Supervising Coordinator - $7.5K - $10K/4 weeks

Sarah is not only a fast growing and successful UnFranshise Owner, she is also a highly sought after speaker and trainer who travels the world imparting her knowledge, expertise and passion for the business. In the past several years Sarah has integral in the success of maWebCenters and has done great things as the Director of Internet Sales & Training at SHOP.COM

Charlie Baer
Executive Field Consultant Market America/Market Australia
Director of SHOP Financial
Executive Director - $25K - $36K/4 weeks


Charles was in the financial service industry previously and partnered with Market America in 1995. He is a member of the Market America Advisory Council, Million Dollar Club, a Certified Trainer and member of the 2005 Dream Team. In addition he has joined the Corporate team as an Executive Sales Consultant overseeing Shop Financial and Australia.

  • Don Martin
    Director – 18k - $25k/4 weeks

  • Jacki Blasko

    Field Vice President - $36k -
    $45K/4 weeks

    Jerry Siciliano award winner

  • Ke Zhu and Joe Gerard
    Director - $18K - $25K/4 weeks

  • Cullen and Trinity Haskins

    Director - $18K - $25K/4 weeks

  • Jacque Birchman
    Director - $18K - $25K/4 weeks

  • Steve and Sandi Rodriquez

    Director - $18K - $25K/4 weeks

  • Melanie Nelson

    Director - $18K - $25K/4 weeks
  • Barb Boldt
    Executive Supervising Coordinator - $15K - $18K/4 weeks
    TLS National Trainer and
    Certified TLS coach

  • Chele Boe
    National Supervising Coordinator - $10K - $15K/4 weeks

  • Pam Torgerson
    Executive Supervising Coordinator - $15K - $18K/4 weeks
    TLS National Trainer and
    Certified TLS coach

  • Jule Landsiedel
    National Supervising Coordinator - $10K - $18K/4 weeks


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